Arrow Terminals Inc, United States

Arrow Terminals Inc, USA (ATI) was established by Gearbulk in 2001 to handle growing volumes of forest products moving from South America to the US through Port Manatee, Florida.

Since then, ATI has opened two other terminals in Lake Charles, Louisiana and Pascagoula, Mississippi.


A Few Facts

ATI Port Manatee, Florida ATI Lake Charles, Louisiana ATI, Pascagoula, Mississippi
terminals_usa_Manatee 03 Copy terminals_usa_Charles 02 Copy terminals_usa_Pascagoula 01 Copy
Established 2001 Established 2004 Established 2006
61,000 m2 warehouse capacity 69,000 m2 warehouse capacity 32,000 m2 warehouse capacity
640 m priority berth 600 m priority berth 382 m berth
12.2 m draft 12.2 m draft 10.97 m draft
Direct railway connection Direct railway connection Direct railway connection
Forest products   Forest products Forest products
Aluminium  Aluminium  
Steel Steel  

Location Map

about_terminals_atusaArrow Terminals USA

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