Conventional Bulk

Our fleet of geared Super Handymax conventional bulk carriers complements our open hatch gantry and jib crane ships with large box-shaped holds and specialised grabs to give Gearbulk a competitive edge in conventional bulk markets.

Our range of bulk cargoes is wide and varied, from liquids to wood pellets, pitch coke, iron ore or soda ash. In fact, Gearbulk is the world's largest carrier of soda ash.  

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Bulk Carina  
Bulk Draco  
Bulk Electra  
Bulk Polaris  
Bulk Orion  
Kuljak Arrow  


Conventional Bulk
Vessel Particulars

Years of Build 2006 - 2017
Deadweight Tonnage 55,009 - 66,624 mt
Length Overall 199.9 m
Beam 36.0 m
Draft 12.57 - 12.83 m
Gross Reg Tonnage 31,256 - 38,500 mt
Net Reg Tonnage 18,504 - 21,750 mt
Holds 5
Bale Capacity 59,000 - 70,000 cbm
Jib Cranes 4 x 30 mt
Grabs 4 x 10 - 12 cbm

Note: Vessel details may vary.

Gearbulk Takes Delivery of Bluebird Arrow

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