Open Hatch Jib Crane

Starting in 1996, Gearbulk introduced it Fleximax class of vessels to complement its fleet of open hatch gantry crane ships.

The first Fleximax generation's four jib cranes each have a lifting capacity of 36 metric tonnes. At 45 metric tonnes, the lifting capacity of Fleximax III's jib cranes is 25% greater. Fleximax I's average total cubic bale, at 61,000 cubic metres, is about 40% smaller than Fleximax III's 86,000 total cubic metre bale. 


Three Fleximax Generations

 Years of BuildShips in Service
Fleximax III                   2012 onward                       8
Flexmax II                   2010 - 2012                       8
Fleximax II Eco   2014-2015        4
Flexmax I                   1996 - 2005                       5


Fleximax III Arrives

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Final Fleximax III in Series delivered

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