Semi-Open Jib Crane

With their box-shaped hold design, Gearbulk's semi open jib crane vessels complement our larger fleet of open hatch gantry and jib crane ships both in terms of efficient cargo stowage and self loading and discharge.

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Semi Open Jib Crane Vessel Particulars

Years of Build 2008 - 2015
Deadweight Tonnage 54,204 to 62,066 mt
Length Overall 190.00 to 199.90 m
Beam 32.26 m
Draft 12.45 to 13.00 m
Gross Reg Tonnage 30,983 - 35,503 mt
Net Reg Tonnage 15,721 - 18,315 mt
Holds 5
Bale Capacity 59,811 cbm
Jib Cranes 4 x 30 mt
Grabs 4 x 12 cbm

Note: Vessel details may vary.

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