Forestry cargo

Gearbulk is an industrial carrier with focus on providing ocean transportation services to primary industries on our own and through joint ventures, connecting industries with their end markets.

The core and long-term charter fleets of Gearbulk were chartered by G2 Ocean on the 1st of May 2017, after which G2 Ocean assumed operational control of the vessels and commercial ownership of contracts and offices globally.

Nearly 50 % of the cargo carried by G2 Ocean is forest products, of which the majority is Pulp from our customers in the Americas.

High Heat Tankers assumed operational control of the four liquid pitch carriers on 15th of July 2018. Gearbulk continues to operate a terminal vessel, a CABU vessel and two combination juice carriers.

G2 Ocean Operation Training

The course focuses on extensive training in cargo planning, vessel preparation, cargo care and productivity, all with the objectives of improving safety in port, vessel productivity alongside and reducing cargo claims.

Deck Officers from Gearbulk and Grieg Star attended four courses in 2019 in Manila (3) and Mumbai (1). This operation training greatly benefits the vessel’s performance and improves the turnaround for G2 Ocean and will continue into 2020.

A similar course is also hosted by G2 Ocean for Long Term Time Charter officers on a regular basis.

Pulp cargo

Steel cargo

Service network & terminals

Gearbulk owns, or has interests in, certain terminal operations which handle, store and distribute cargoes to final destinations.