Our shore personnel

Today, shipping is a modern, highly technical, professional discipline that requires a great deal of skill, knowledge and expertise from the workforce both on board and ashore.

Stronger together!

Without our employees, Gearbulk would not be the company it is today. Dedication, expertise and hard-work have characterised their efforts both on board vessels and ashore in 2019. As an international company, Gearbulk provides several opportunities for growth and collaboration between colleagues across the organisation and with our business partners.

Diversity is a natural part of our business, and during 2019 the work force consisted of 18 different nationalities, 24% females and 76% males within an age range from 24 to 69 years. Our standpoint is that no person in Gearbulk should be discriminated against based on ethnic background, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation.

Recruitment & Promotions

Gearbulk’s retention rate in 2019 was 81%; 12 new employees were hired and eight employees were promoted. All new employees undergo an extensive onboarding program where they are introduced to the Gearbulk organisation, the Head of departments, their job role and meeting up with peers.

Increased focus on Learning & Development

Learning and Development are key business process areas which are essential to support effective workforce development. These processes include identification of training needs, creation of training material, formation of learning platforms and implementation of the training.

In order to better support and enable these processes, Gearbulk decided to recruit for a new position, called Learning & Development Position for Sea & Shore in early 2019.

Global G-Talks

In an effort to bring the organisation closer together, increase knowledge sharing and promote collaboration a new global initiative called G-Talks was launched in 2019.

G-Talks are Gearbulk's version of TedTalks, and are short insightful sessions which are hosted virtually across the organisation on a monthly basis to share knowledge and ideas.

Speakers have the freedom to decide on their topic, and usually discuss their role in Gearbulk, a current project they may be involved with or share their knowledge and best practices on different topics.

The feedback from these sessions have been very positive as many different areas of the business have been engaged, and the initiative will continue in 2020.

Employee Survey

In 2019, a global employee survey was conducted for all shore personnel.


Employee survey response rate


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