Message from Gearbulk's Chairman

Gearbulk remains proactive in all it does to safeguard a sustainable future for all of our stakeholders. We have undertaken a significant review of our organisation to ensure that we are working as efficiently and safely as possible, whilst at the same time looking after the environment that we operate within.

Economic Stability

Many initiatives have taken place to ensure Gearbulk is on a strong footing organisationally and financially, for now and in the future. This included working with our business partners so that we are best able to continue relationships that provide for economic and operational stability for both parties. In October 2016 Gearbulk announced its intention to enter into a joint venture with Grieg Star to establish a highly versatile and customer orientated, worldwide dry bulk shipping company. This company was later named as G2 Ocean; the “G” retained from the two owners, highlighting the cooperation between two well established dry bulk companies. This agreement represents the firm intention of both companies to build an improved range of services for our customers. The combined number of vessels and trades will make it easier for customers to find services to fit their needs and provide for a sustainable future. We look forward to seeing G2 Ocean operational in 2017.

Environmental Impact

Gearbulk continues to focus on the efficient running of our fleet whilst ensuring that impacts on the environment are minimised. Based on our experience, we advocate for increased global regulation of CO 2 emissions in the shipping industry. We are happy to see the Paris agreement on Climate Change also led to a renewed momentum in the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), resulting in a road map for long term CO 2 reductions. We look forward to playing our part in helping to secure the right level of ambition is defined for 2018.*

Our People and Society

The safety of our people will always be our priority. The efforts undertaken by our dedicated officers and crew to enhance vessel performance have resulted in a reduction in injuries leading to repatriation, a continued increase in near miss reporting and a record low Port State Control deficiency average. Our social responsibility is demonstrated through contributions to various charities across the globe including the continuing work of the KGJ Foundation. 


Our Sustainability Vision

Becoming an industry leader in creating enduring value by taking responsibility for the future through the choices we make today. This means:

  • Clear and consistent leadership whilst engaging our employees
  • Transparency and improving our economic, environment and social contribution
  • Developing human potential and collaborating with those who share our vision locally and globally

Sustainable Business


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