Shipowning & Commercial

As a global shipping business, we provide high quality transportation services for a wide range of industries through our companies, joint ventures and other interests.


We have established joint ventures with other major shipping and terminal companies, and review new opportunities as they arise.


G2 Ocean

In May 2017 Gearbulk and Grieg Star entered into a joint venture, creating a highly versatile, customer oriented, global dry bulk shipping company.


High Heat Tankers

In July 2018 Gearbulk Holding AG and Puma Energy Supply and Trading PTE LTD established High Heat Tankers PTE LTD (HHT). This gives our customers access to the largest pool of modern IMO II high heat tankers in the world.



In 1999 GBSMT was established as a 50/50 joint venture between Gearbulk and Ship Management & Transport Ltd (SMT). The GBSMT joint venture fleet has historically comprised older vessels, many of which are ex-Gearbulk tonnage. Since 1999, 29 Gearbulk vessels have joined the GBSMT fleet, which carries cargoes such as iron ore, pet coke, direct-reduced iron (DRI), scrap, salt, aggregates and other bulk. The vessels trade worldwide, with commercial and technical management performed by SMT.



CABU (Caustic)

As owner and operator of the caustic combination carrier Kuljak Arrow, we managed the conversion of holds 1, 3 and 5 to carry liquid caustic soda. This vessel predominantly trades in South East Asia.


Floating Terminals

Gearbulk entered the floating terminal business in 1977 in Jeddah, after converting a tanker into a storage facility with capacity for both bulk and bagged cement. Today we operate the Kumul Arrow, which is stationed off Papua New Guinea for copper concentrate transhipment.