Gearbulk Publishes 2014 Sustainability Report

1 January 2015

We are pleased to present our Sustainability Report for 2014.

Sustainability continues to be an important priority for us and it is embedded into our vision and long term strategic plans. We believe that our enduring commitment to sustainability is becoming a key differentiator in the supplier selection process and it is our aim to be the supplier of choice in our markets.

We strive to create a safe, healthy and productive working environment for all our employees, visitors and contractors. Thanks to enhanced focus on safety during the year, we saw a magnificent drop in personnel injuries in 2014.

The training of our people is also crucial to our vision as a sustainable business. We maintained sharp focus on the importance of delivering our services with integrity; all of our staff have completed training on global anti-bribery regulations and we have introduced further modules on ethical behaviour.

Gearbulk entered the world of big data this year; better measurement and performance analysis leads to better decision making. Consequently, we optimised our operations further in 2014. By having more detailed tracking of our operations we were able to assess trends such as speed loss and take appropriate measures in each case.

Furthermore, thanks to investment in new technology, operational changes and fleet renewal, we have reduced our carbon emissions by 16% compared to 2010 levels.

We hope that this report will give you an understanding of Gearbulk’s commitment to making a positive social contribution wherever we operate, to minimise our environmental impact and in so doing demonstrate our determination to contribute to a more sustainable shipping industry.