Gearbulk publishes Transparency Act Annual Account for 2022

12 May 2023

Gearbulk is pleased to announce the release of our Annual Account in line with the Transparency Act for 2022 as part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen our commitment to respecting human rights in the environment where we operate.

The Transparency Act entered into force in July 2022 with the purpose of promoting businesses’ respect for basic human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and the provision of services. In addition, the general public shall be ensured access to information about how businesses deal with the negative consequences of these rights. ​​​​​​​As a responsible and forward-thinking organisation, we are dedicated to meeting the expectations of this important legislation.

The Transparency Act Annual Account provides a comprehensive overview of our efforts to increase awareness and visibility on how we identify and manage actual and potential impacts on human rights. This is in line with our strategic objective to enhance governance and promote responsible business practices.

​​​​​​Releasing our first Transparency Act Annual Account is an important milestone in our ESG journey and demonstrates our firm commitment to respecting human rights. We believe that by being open and honest about our progress, we can build trust with our stakeholders and drive positive change in our industry.

We encourage all stakeholders to review the Transparency Act Annual Account and to share their feedback and suggestions for how we can continue to improve on managing impacts that affect human rights. Feedback and suggestions can be sent to

​​​​​​​Gearbulk is committed to meeting the requirements of the Norwegian Transparency Act and will continue to publish our Transparency Act Annual Report every year going forward.

We believe that transparency and accountability are critical for building trust with our stakeholders and for ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of our business.