Press Release, Bulk Jupiter

5 January 2015

Press Release, Bulk Jupiter

No new crew members or debris from the sunken vessel have been detected during the recent search operations. A fleet of vessels and planes, under direction of the Vietnamese Coast Guard are participating in the operations from where Bulk Jupiter issued distress signals. The Gearbulk vessel ”Sunbird Arrow” is taking part in the SAR operation.

A representative from Gearbulk’s Bergen office has travelled to Vung Tao, Vietnam, where the surviving Cook and the bodies of the two deceased arrived yesterday. The Cook was initially shielded from the public and taken to a Hospital for appropriate medical attention before he was able to meet with the Authorities.

He will be repatriated to the Philippines as soon as practically possible.

Some media today named two of the deceased crew members found after the sinking of Bulk Jupiter. Gearbulk wants to express that there is no official confirmation of identity of the remains, and that media not least in consideration of the families, should abstain from speculations until the bodies are officially identified and the families have been informed.