Woolly Hats for Heroes

18 August 2016

Gearbulk is an active supporter of the Sailors Society and the support they give our staff around the world is very much appreciated. It was therefore suggested that our offices and vessels may like to join in the fun and don their finest hats for the day – woolly or otherwise – and help raise money for the Society. This was taken up with gusto by many of our offices and ships. Fun time was had by all who took part and the latest count we have raised and donated almost USD 3,000 to the Society. Each office had its own unique theme, in Tampa a champagne brunch, in London a cake sale, in Melbourne cakes and sandwiches and they also invited several customers along to join the fun. Bergen had a cakes sale and wine auction, Manila had hat police ensuring compliance with spot fines for those found “hatless”. From the fleet we also had fantastic support which included a combined Woolly hat and Valentines party on board the Kingbird Arrow and other vessels, including the Plover Arrow, Tenca Arrow and Kuljak Arrow (main picture) also took part.